Interpreted Programming Language Extension for 3D Render on the Web

by   Amaro Duarte, et al.

There are tools to ease the 2D/3D graphics development for programmers. Sometimes, these are not directly accessible for all users requiring commercial licenses or based on trials, or long learning periods before to use them. In the modern world, the time to release final programs is crucial for the company successfully, also for saving money. Then, if programmers can handle tools to minimize the development time using well-known programming languages, they can deliver final programs on time, with minimum effort. This concept is the goal of this paper, offering a tool to create 3D renders over a familiarize programming language to speed up the web development time process. We present an extension of an interpreted programming language with an easy syntax to display 3D graphics on the web generating a template in a well-known web programming language, which can be customized and extended. Our proposal is based on Lua programming language as the input language for programmers, offering a web editor which interprets its syntax and exporting templates in WebGL over Javascript, also getting immediate output in a web browser. Tests show the effectiveness of our approach focus on the written code lines, also getting the expected output using a few computational resources.


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