Isogeometric Analysis of Elastic Sheets Exhibiting Combined Bending and Stretching using Dynamic Relaxation

by   Nikhil Padhye, et al.

Shells are ubiquitous thin structures that can undergo large nonlinear elastic deformations while exhibiting combined modes of bending and stretching, and have profound modern applications. In this paper, we have proposed a new Isogeometric formulation, based on classical Koiter nonlinear shell theory, to study instability problems like wrinkling and buckling in thin shells. The use of NURBS-basis provides rotation-free, conforming, higher-order spatial continuity, such that curvatures and membrane strains can be computed directly from the interpolation of the position vectors of the control points. A pseudo, dissipative and discrete, dynamical system is constructed, and static equilibrium solutions are obtained by the method of dynamic relaxation (DR). A high-performance computing-based implementation of the DR is presented, and the proposed formulation is benchmarked against several existing numerical, and experimental results. The advantages of this formulation, over traditional finite element approaches, in assessing structural response of the shells are presented.


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