IUP: An Intelligent Utility Prediction Scheme for Solid-State Fermentation in 5G IoT

by   Min Wang, et al.

At present, SOILD-STATE Fermentation (SSF) is mainly controlled by artificial experience, and the product quality and yield are not stable. Accurately predicting the quality and yield of SSF is of great significance for improving human food security and supply. In this paper, we propose an Intelligent Utility Prediction (IUP) scheme for SSF in 5G Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), including parameter collection and utility prediction of SSF process. This IUP scheme is based on the environmental perception and intelligent learning algorithms of the 5G Industrial IoT. We build a workflow model based on rewritable petri net to verify the correctness of the system model function and process. In addition, we design a utility prediction model for SSF based on the Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and Fully Connected Neural Network (FCNN). We design a GAN with constraint of mean square error (MSE-GAN) to solve the problem of few-shot learning of SSF, and then combine with the FCNN to realize the utility prediction (usually use the alcohol) of SSF. Based on the production of liquor in laboratory, the experiments show that the proposed method is more accurate than the other prediction methods in the utility prediction of SSF, and provide the basis for the numerical analysis of the proportion of preconfigured raw materials and the appropriate setting of cellar temperature.


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