Joint Sentiment/Topic Modeling on Text Data Using Boosted Restricted Boltzmann Machine

by   Masoud Fatemi, et al.

Recently by the development of the Internet and the Web, different types of social media such as web blogs become an immense source of text data. Through the processing of these data, it is possible to discover practical information about different topics, individuals opinions and a thorough understanding of the society. Therefore, applying models which can automatically extract the subjective information from the documents would be efficient and helpful. Topic modeling methods, also sentiment analysis are the most raised topics in the natural language processing and text mining fields. In this paper a new structure for joint sentiment-topic modeling based on Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) which is a type of neural networks is proposed. By modifying the structure of RBM as well as appending a layer which is analogous to sentiment of text data to it, we propose a generative structure for joint sentiment topic modeling based on neutral networks. The proposed method is supervised and trained by the Contrastive Divergence algorithm. The new attached layer in the proposed model is a layer with the multinomial probability distribution which can be used in text data sentiment classification or any other supervised application. The proposed model is compared with existing models in the experiments such as evaluating as a generative model, sentiment classification, information retrieval and the corresponding results demonstrate the efficiency of the method.


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