Logistic-ELM: A Novel Fault Diagnosis Method for Rolling Bearings

by   Zhenhua Tan, et al.

The fault diagnosis of rolling bearings is a critical technique to realize predictive maintenance for mechanical condition monitoring. In real industrial systems, the main challenges for the fault diagnosis of rolling bearings pertain to the accuracy and real-time requirements. Most existing methods focus on ensuring the accuracy, and the real-time requirement is often neglected. In this paper, considering both requirements, we propose a novel fast fault diagnosis method for rolling bearings, based on extreme learning machine (ELM) and logistic mapping, named logistic-ELM. First, we identify 14 kinds of time-domain features from the original vibration signals according to mechanical vibration principles and adopt the sequential forward selection (SFS) strategy to select optimal features from them to ensure the basic predictive accuracy and efficiency. Next, we propose the logistic-ELM for fast fault classification, where the biases in ELM are omitted and the random input weights are replaced by the chaotic logistic mapping sequence which involves a higher uncorrelation to obtain more accurate results with fewer hidden neurons. We conduct extensive experiments on the rolling bearing vibration signal dataset of the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Bearing Data Centre. The experimental results show that the proposed approach outperforms existing SOTA comparison methods in terms of the predictive accuracy, and the highest accuracy is 100 publicly available at https://github.com/TAN-OpenLab/logistic-ELM.


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