Monitoring Misuse for Accountable 'Artificial Intelligence as a Service'

by   Seyyed Ahmad Javadi, et al.

AI is increasingly being offered 'as a service' (AIaaS). This entails service providers offering customers access to pre-built AI models and services, for tasks such as object recognition, text translation, text-to-voice conversion, and facial recognition, to name a few. The offerings enable customers to easily integrate a range of powerful AI-driven capabilities into their applications. Customers access these models through the provider's APIs, sending particular data to which models are applied, the results of which returned. However, there are many situations in which the use of AI can be problematic. AIaaS services typically represent generic functionality, available 'at a click'. Providers may therefore, for reasons of reputation or responsibility, seek to ensure that the AIaaS services they offer are being used by customers for 'appropriate' purposes. This paper introduces and explores the concept whereby AIaaS providers uncover situations of possible service misuse by their customers. Illustrated through topical examples, we consider the technical usage patterns that could signal situations warranting scrutiny, and raise some of the legal and technical challenges of monitoring for misuse. In all, by introducing this concept, we indicate a potential area for further inquiry from a range of perspectives.


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