MOREA: a GPU-accelerated Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Deformable Registration of 3D Medical Images

by   Georgios Andreadis, et al.

Finding a realistic deformation that transforms one image into another, in case large deformations are required, is considered a key challenge in medical image analysis. Having a proper image registration approach to achieve this could unleash a number of applications requiring information to be transferred between images. Clinical adoption is currently hampered by many existing methods requiring extensive configuration effort before each use, or not being able to (realistically) capture large deformations. A recent multi-objective approach that uses the Multi-Objective Real-Valued Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithm (MO-RV-GOMEA) and a dual-dynamic mesh transformation model has shown promise, exposing the trade-offs inherent to image registration problems and modeling large deformations in 2D. This work builds on this promise and introduces MOREA: the first evolutionary algorithm-based multi-objective approach to deformable registration of 3D images capable of tackling large deformations. MOREA includes a 3D biomechanical mesh model for physical plausibility and is fully GPU-accelerated. We compare MOREA to two state-of-the-art approaches on abdominal CT scans of 4 cervical cancer patients, with the latter two approaches configured for the best results per patient. Without requiring per-patient configuration, MOREA significantly outperforms these approaches on 3 of the 4 patients that represent the most difficult cases.


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