MSPPIR: Multi-source privacy-preserving image retrieval in cloud computing

by   Qi Gu, et al.

Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) techniques have been widely researched and in service with the help of cloud computing like Google Images. However, the images always contain rich sensitive information. In this case, the privacy protection become a big problem as the cloud always can't be fully trusted. Many privacy-preserving image retrieval schemes have been proposed, in which the image owner can upload the encrypted images to the cloud, and the owner himself or the authorized user can execute the secure retrieval with the help of cloud. Nevertheless, few existing researches notice the multi-source scene which is more practical. In this paper, we analyze the difficulties in Multi-Source Privacy-Preserving Image Retrieval (MSPPIR). Then we use the image in JPEG-format as the example, to propose a scheme called JES-MSIR, namely a novel JPEG image Encryption Scheme which is made for Multi-Source content-based Image Retrieval. JES-MSIR can support the requirements of MSPPIR, including the constant-rounds secure retrieval from multiple sources and the union of multiple sources for better retrieval services. Experiment results and security analysis on the proposed scheme show its efficiency, security and accuracy.


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