Multiscale Crowd Counting and Localization By Multitask Point Supervision

by   Mohsen Zand, et al.

We propose a multitask approach for crowd counting and person localization in a unified framework. As the detection and localization tasks are well-correlated and can be jointly tackled, our model benefits from a multitask solution by learning multiscale representations of encoded crowd images, and subsequently fusing them. In contrast to the relatively more popular density-based methods, our model uses point supervision to allow for crowd locations to be accurately identified. We test our model on two popular crowd counting datasets, ShanghaiTech A and B, and demonstrate that our method achieves strong results on both counting and localization tasks, with MSE measures of 110.7 and 15.0 for crowd counting and AP measures of 0.71 and 0.75 for localization, on ShanghaiTech A and B respectively. Our detailed ablation experiments show the impact of our multiscale approach as well as the effectiveness of the fusion module embedded in our network. Our code is available at:


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