Neurosymbolic Repair for Low-Code Formula Languages

by   Rohan Bavishi, et al.

Most users of low-code platforms, such as Excel and PowerApps, write programs in domain-specific formula languages to carry out nontrivial tasks. Often users can write most of the program they want, but introduce small mistakes that yield broken formulas. These mistakes, which can be both syntactic and semantic, are hard for low-code users to identify and fix, even though they can be resolved with just a few edits. We formalize the problem of producing such edits as the last-mile repair problem. To address this problem, we developed LaMirage, a LAst-MIle RepAir-engine GEnerator that combines symbolic and neural techniques to perform last-mile repair in low-code formula languages. LaMirage takes a grammar and a set of domain-specific constraints/rules, which jointly approximate the target language, and uses these to generate a repair engine that can fix formulas in that language. To tackle the challenges of localizing the errors and ranking the candidate repairs, LaMirage leverages neural techniques, whereas it relies on symbolic methods to generate candidate repairs. This combination allows LaMirage to find repairs that satisfy the provided grammar and constraints, and then pick the most natural repair. We compare LaMirage to state-of-the-art neural and symbolic approaches on 400 real Excel and PowerFx formulas, where LaMirage outperforms all baselines. We release these benchmarks to encourage subsequent work in low-code domains.


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