NRC-GAMMA: Introducing a Novel Large Gas Meter Image Dataset

by   Ashkan Ebadi, et al.

Automatic meter reading technology is not yet widespread. Gas, electricity, or water accumulation meters reading is mostly done manually on-site either by an operator or by the homeowner. In some countries, the operator takes a picture as reading proof to confirm the reading by checking offline with another operator and/or using it as evidence in case of conflicts or complaints. The whole process is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. Automation can optimize and facilitate such labor-intensive and human error-prone processes. With the recent advances in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer vision, automatic meter reading systems are becoming more viable than ever. Motivated by the recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence and inspired by open-source open-access initiatives in the research community, we introduce a novel large benchmark dataset of real-life gas meter images, named the NRC-GAMMA dataset. The data were collected from an Itron 400A diaphragm gas meter on January 20, 2020, between 00:05 am and 11:59 pm. We employed a systematic approach to label the images, validate the labellings, and assure the quality of the annotations. The dataset contains 28,883 images of the entire gas meter along with 57,766 cropped images of the left and the right dial displays. We hope the NRC-GAMMA dataset helps the research community to design and implement accurate, innovative, intelligent, and reproducible automatic gas meter reading solutions.


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