Object Wake-up: 3-D Object Reconstruction, Animation, and in-situ Rendering from a Single Image

by   Xinxin Zuo, et al.

Given a picture of a chair, could we extract the 3-D shape of the chair, animate its plausible articulations and motions, and render in-situ in its original image space? The above question prompts us to devise an automated approach to extract and manipulate articulated objects in single images. Comparing with previous efforts on object manipulation, our work goes beyond 2-D manipulation and focuses on articulable objects, thus introduces greater flexibility for possible object deformations. The pipeline of our approach starts by reconstructing and refining a 3-D mesh representation of the object of interest from an input image; its control joints are predicted by exploiting the semantic part segmentation information; the obtained object 3-D mesh is then rigged & animated by non-rigid deformation, and rendered to perform in-situ motions in its original image space. Quantitative evaluations are carried out on 3-D reconstruction from single images, an established task that is related to our pipeline, where our results surpass those of the SOTAs by a noticeable margin. Extensive visual results also demonstrate the applicability of our approach.


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