On the Interaction between Test-Suite Reduction and Regression-Test Selection Strategies

by   Sebastian Ruland, et al.

Unit testing is one of the most established quality-assurance techniques for software development. One major advantage of unit testing is the adjustable trade-off between efficiency (i.e., testing effort) and effectiveness (i.e., fault-detection probability). To this end, various strategies have been proposed to exploit this trade-off. In particular, test-suite reduction (TSR) reduces the number of (presumably redundant) test cases while testing a single program version. Regression-test selection (RTS) selects test cases for testing consecutive program revisions. However, both TSR and RTS may influence – or even obstruct – each others' performance when used in combination. For instance, test cases discarded during TSR for a particular program version may become relevant again for RTS. However, finding a combination of both strategies leading to a reasonable trade-off throughout the version history of a program is an open question. The goal of this paper is to gain a better understanding of the interactions between TSR and RTS with respect to efficiency and effectiveness. To this end, we present a configurable framework called RegreTS for automated unit-testing of C programs. The framework comprises different strategies for TSR and RTS and possible combinations thereof. We apply this framework to a collection of subject systems, delivering several crucial insights. First, TSR has almost always a negative impact on the effectiveness of RTS, yet a positive impact on efficiency. Second, test cases revealing to testers the effect of program modifications between consecutive program versions are far more effective than test cases simply covering modified code parts, yet causing much more testing effort.


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