On the Sample Complexity of Predictive Sparse Coding

by   Nishant A. Mehta, et al.

The goal of predictive sparse coding is to learn a representation of examples as sparse linear combinations of elements from a dictionary, such that a learned hypothesis linear in the new representation performs well on a predictive task. Predictive sparse coding algorithms recently have demonstrated impressive performance on a variety of supervised tasks, but their generalization properties have not been studied. We establish the first generalization error bounds for predictive sparse coding, covering two settings: 1) the overcomplete setting, where the number of features k exceeds the original dimensionality d; and 2) the high or infinite-dimensional setting, where only dimension-free bounds are useful. Both learning bounds intimately depend on stability properties of the learned sparse encoder, as measured on the training sample. Consequently, we first present a fundamental stability result for the LASSO, a result characterizing the stability of the sparse codes with respect to perturbations to the dictionary. In the overcomplete setting, we present an estimation error bound that decays as Õ(sqrt(d k/m)) with respect to d and k. In the high or infinite-dimensional setting, we show a dimension-free bound that is Õ(sqrt(k^2 s / m)) with respect to k and s, where s is an upper bound on the number of non-zeros in the sparse code for any training data point.


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