Optical Networks and Interconnects

by   Carmen Mas-Machuca, et al.

The rapid evolution of communication technologies such as 5G and beyond, rely on optical networks to support the challenging and ambitious requirements that include both capacity and reliability. This chapter begins by giving an overview of the evolution of optical access networks, focusing on Passive Optical Networks (PONs). The development of the different PON standards and requirements aiming at longer reach, higher client count and delivered bandwidth are presented. PON virtualization is also introduced as the flexibility enabler. Triggered by the increase of bandwidth supported by access and aggregation network segments, core networks have also evolved, as presented in the second part of the chapter. Scaling the physical infrastructure requires high investment and hence, operators are considering alternatives to optimize the use of the existing capacity. This chapter introduces different planning problems such as Routing and Spectrum Assignment problems, placement problems for regenerators and wavelength converters, and how to offer resilience to different failures. An overview of control and management is also provided. Moreover, motivated by the increasing importance of data storage and data processing, this chapter also addresses different aspects of optical data center interconnects. Data centers have become critical infrastructure to operate any service. They are also forced to take advantage of optical technology in order to keep up with the growing capacity demand and power consumption. This chapter gives an overview of different optical data center network architectures as well as some expected directions to improve the resource utilization and increase the network capacity.


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