Performance Analysis of a MIMO System with Bursty Traffic in the presence of Energy Harvesting Jammer

by   Sujatha Allipuram, et al.

This paper explores the role of multiple antennas in mitigating jamming attacks for the Rayleigh fading environment with exogenous random traffic arrival. The jammer is assumed to have energy harvesting ability where energy arrives according to Bernoulli process. The outage probabilities are derived with different assumptions on the number of antennas at the transmitter and receiver. The outage probability for the Alamouti space-time code is also derived. The work characterizes the average service rate for different antenna configurations taking into account of random arrival of data and energy at the transmitter and jammer, respectively. In many practical applications, latency and timely updates are of importance, thus, delay and Average Age of Information (AAoI) are the meaningful metrics to be considered. The work characterizes these metrics under jamming attack. The impact of finite and infinite energy battery size at the jammer on various performance metrics is also explored. Two optimization problems are considered to explore the interplay between AAoI and delay under jamming attack. Furthermore, our results show that Alamouti code can significantly improve the performance of the system even under jamming attack, with less power budget. The paper also demonstrates how the developed results can be useful for multiuser scenarios.


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