Persian Emotion Detection using ParsBERT and Imbalanced Data Handling Approaches

by   Amirhossein Abaskohi, et al.

Emotion recognition is one of the machine learning applications which can be done using text, speech, or image data gathered from social media spaces. Detecting emotion can help us in different fields, including opinion mining. With the spread of social media, different platforms like Twitter have become data sources, and the language used in these platforms is informal, making the emotion detection task difficult. EmoPars and ArmanEmo are two new human-labeled emotion datasets for the Persian language. These datasets, especially EmoPars, are suffering from inequality between several samples between two classes. In this paper, we evaluate EmoPars and compare them with ArmanEmo. Throughout this analysis, we use data augmentation techniques, data re-sampling, and class-weights with Transformer-based Pretrained Language Models(PLMs) to handle the imbalance problem of these datasets. Moreover, feature selection is used to enhance the models' performance by emphasizing the text's specific features. In addition, we provide a new policy for selecting data from EmoPars, which selects the high-confidence samples; as a result, the model does not see samples that do not have specific emotion during training. Our model reaches a Macro-averaged F1-score of 0.81 and 0.76 on ArmanEmo and EmoPars, respectively, which are new state-of-the-art results in these benchmarks.


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