PP-MSVSR: Multi-Stage Video Super-Resolution

by   Lielin Jiang, et al.

Different from the Single Image Super-Resolution(SISR) task, the key for Video Super-Resolution(VSR) task is to make full use of complementary information across frames to reconstruct the high-resolution sequence. Since images from different frames with diverse motion and scene, accurately aligning multiple frames and effectively fusing different frames has always been the key research work of VSR tasks. To utilize rich complementary information of neighboring frames, in this paper, we propose a multi-stage VSR deep architecture, dubbed as PP-MSVSR, with local fusion module, auxiliary loss and re-align module to refine the enhanced result progressively. Specifically, in order to strengthen the fusion of features across frames in feature propagation, a local fusion module is designed in stage-1 to perform local feature fusion before feature propagation. Moreover, we introduce an auxiliary loss in stage-2 to make the features obtained by the propagation module reserve more correlated information connected to the HR space, and introduce a re-align module in stage-3 to make full use of the feature information of the previous stage. Extensive experiments substantiate that PP-MSVSR achieves a promising performance of Vid4 datasets, which achieves a PSNR of 28.13dB with only 1.45M parameters. And the PP-MSVSR-L exceeds all state of the art method on REDS4 datasets with considerable parameters. Code and models will be released in PaddleGAN[https://github.com/PaddlePaddle/PaddleGAN.].


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