Progressive Knowledge Transfer Based on Human Visual Perception Mechanism for Perceptual Quality Assessment of Point Clouds

by   Qi Liu, et al.

With the wide applications of colored point cloud in many fields, point cloud perceptual quality assessment plays a vital role in the visual communication systems owing to the existence of quality degradations introduced in various stages. However, the existing point cloud quality assessments ignore the mechanism of human visual system (HVS) which has an important impact on the accuracy of the perceptual quality assessment. In this paper, a progressive knowledge transfer based on human visual perception mechanism for perceptual quality assessment of point clouds (PKT-PCQA) is proposed. The PKT-PCQA merges local features from neighboring regions and global features extracted from graph spectrum. Taking into account the HVS properties, the spatial and channel attention mechanism is also considered in PKT-PCQA. Besides, inspired by the hierarchical perception system of human brains, PKT-PCQA adopts a progressive knowledge transfer to convert the coarse-grained quality classification knowledge to the fine-grained quality prediction task. Experiments on three large and independent point cloud assessment datasets show that the proposed no reference PKT-PCQA network achieves better of equivalent performance comparing with the state-of-the-art full reference quality assessment methods, outperforming the existed no reference quality assessment network.


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