Quantum and classical query complexities for determining connectedness of matroids

by   Xiaowei Huang, et al.

Connectivity is a fundamental structural property of matroids, and has been studied algorithmically over 50 years. In 1974, Cunningham proposed a deterministic algorithm consuming O(n^2) queries to the independence oracle to determine whether a matroid is connected. Since then, no algorithm, not even a random one, has worked better. To the best of our knowledge, the classical query complexity lower bound and the quantum complexity for this problem have not been considered. Thus, in this paper we are devoted to addressing these issues, and our contributions are threefold as follows: (i) First, we prove that the randomized query complexity of determining whether a matroid is connected is Ω(n^2) and thus the algorithm proposed by Cunningham is optimal in classical computing. (ii) Second, we present a quantum algorithm with O(n^3/2) queries, which exhibits provable quantum speedups over classical ones. (iii) Third, we prove that any quantum algorithm requires Ω(n) queries, which indicates that quantum algorithms can achieve at most a quadratic speedup over classical ones. Therefore, we have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the potential of quantum computing in determining the connectedness of matroids.


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