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Quantum Architecture Search via Continual Reinforcement Learning

by   Esther Ye, et al.
Boston University
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Quantum computing has promised significant improvement in solving difficult computational tasks over classical computers. Designing quantum circuits for practical use, however, is not a trivial objective and requires expert-level knowledge. To aid this endeavor, this paper proposes a machine learning-based method to construct quantum circuit architectures. Previous works have demonstrated that classical deep reinforcement learning (DRL) algorithms can successfully construct quantum circuit architectures without encoded physics knowledge. However, these DRL-based works are not generalizable to settings with changing device noises, thus requiring considerable amounts of training resources to keep the RL models up-to-date. With this in mind, we incorporated continual learning to enhance the performance of our algorithm. In this paper, we present the Probabilistic Policy Reuse with deep Q-learning (PPR-DQL) framework to tackle this circuit design challenge. By conducting numerical simulations over various noise patterns, we demonstrate that the RL agent with PPR was able to find the quantum gate sequence to generate the two-qubit Bell state faster than the agent that was trained from scratch. The proposed framework is general and can be applied to other quantum gate synthesis or control problems – including the automatic calibration of quantum devices.


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