Ray3D: ray-based 3D human pose estimation for monocular absolute 3D localization

by   Yu Zhan, et al.

In this paper, we propose a novel monocular ray-based 3D (Ray3D) absolute human pose estimation with calibrated camera. Accurate and generalizable absolute 3D human pose estimation from monocular 2D pose input is an ill-posed problem. To address this challenge, we convert the input from pixel space to 3D normalized rays. This conversion makes our approach robust to camera intrinsic parameter changes. To deal with the in-the-wild camera extrinsic parameter variations, Ray3D explicitly takes the camera extrinsic parameters as an input and jointly models the distribution between the 3D pose rays and camera extrinsic parameters. This novel network design is the key to the outstanding generalizability of Ray3D approach. To have a comprehensive understanding of how the camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameter variations affect the accuracy of absolute 3D key-point localization, we conduct in-depth systematic experiments on three single person 3D benchmarks as well as one synthetic benchmark. These experiments demonstrate that our method significantly outperforms existing state-of-the-art models. Our code and the synthetic dataset are available at https://github.com/YxZhxn/Ray3D .


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