Read Pointer Meters in complex environments based on a Human-like Alignment and Recognition Algorithm

by   Yan Shu, et al.

Recently, developing an automatic reading system for analog measuring instruments has gained increased attention, as it enables the collection of numerous state of equipment. Nonetheless, two major obstacles still obstruct its deployment to real-world applications. The first issue is that they rarely take the entire pipeline's speed into account. The second is that they are incapable of dealing with some low-quality images (i.e., meter breakage, blur, and uneven scale). In this paper, we propose a human-like alignment and recognition algorithm to overcome these problems. More specifically, a Spatial Transformed Module(STM) is proposed to obtain the front view of images in a self-autonomous way based on an improved Spatial Transformer Networks(STN). Meanwhile, a Value Acquisition Module(VAM) is proposed to infer accurate meter values by an end-to-end trained framework. In contrast to previous research, our model aligns and recognizes meters totally implemented by learnable processing, which mimics human's behaviours and thus achieves higher performances. Extensive results verify the good robustness of the proposed model in terms of the accuracy and efficiency.


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