Real-Time Human-Computer Interaction Based on Face and Hand Gesture Recognition

by   Reza Azad, et al.

At the present time, hand gestures recognition system could be used as a more expected and useable approach for human computer interaction. Automatic hand gesture recognition system provides us a new tactic for interactive with the virtual environment. In this paper, a face and hand gesture recognition system which is able to control computer media player is offered. Hand gesture and human face are the key element to interact with the smart system. We used the face recognition scheme for viewer verification and the hand gesture recognition in mechanism of computer media player, for instance, volume down/up, next music and etc. In the proposed technique, first, the hand gesture and face location is extracted from the main image by combination of skin and cascade detector and then is sent to recognition stage. In recognition stage, first, the threshold condition is inspected then the extracted face and gesture will be recognized. In the result stage, the proposed technique is applied on the video dataset and the high precision ratio acquired. Additional the recommended hand gesture recognition method is applied on static American Sign Language (ASL) database and the correctness rate achieved nearby 99.40 the planned method could be used in gesture based computer games and virtual reality.


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