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Reinforcement learning and decision making via single-photon quantum walks

by   Fulvio Flamini, et al.
Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck

Variational quantum algorithms represent a promising approach to quantum machine learning where classical neural networks are replaced by parametrized quantum circuits. Here, we present a variational approach to quantize projective simulation (PS), a reinforcement learning model aimed at interpretable artificial intelligence. Decision making in PS is modeled as a random walk on a graph describing the agent's memory. To implement the quantized model, we consider quantum walks of single photons in a lattice of tunable Mach-Zehnder interferometers. We propose variational algorithms tailored to reinforcement learning tasks, and we show, using an example from transfer learning, that the quantized PS learning model can outperform its classical counterpart. Finally, we discuss the role of quantum interference for training and decision making, paving the way for realizations of interpretable quantum learning agents.


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