Relation-guided acoustic scene classification aided with event embeddings

by   Yuanbo Hou, et al.

In real life, acoustic scenes and audio events are naturally correlated. Humans instinctively rely on fine-grained audio events as well as the overall sound characteristics to distinguish diverse acoustic scenes. Yet, most previous approaches treat acoustic scene classification (ASC) and audio event classification (AEC) as two independent tasks. A few studies on scene and event joint classification either use synthetic audio datasets that hardly match the real world, or simply use the multi-task framework to perform two tasks at the same time. Neither of these two ways makes full use of the implicit and inherent relation between fine-grained events and coarse-grained scenes. To this end, this paper proposes a relation-guided ASC (RGASC) model to further exploit and coordinate the scene-event relation for the mutual benefit of scene and event recognition. The TUT Urban Acoustic Scenes 2018 dataset (TUT2018) is annotated with pseudo labels of events by a simple and efficient audio-related pre-trained model PANN, which is one of the state-of-the-art AEC models. Then, a prior scene-event relation matrix is defined as the average probability of the presence of each event type in each scene class. Finally, the two-tower RGASC model is jointly trained on the real-life dataset TUT2018 for both scene and event classification. The following results are achieved. 1) RGASC effectively coordinates the true information of coarse-grained scenes and the pseudo information of fine-grained events. 2) The event embeddings learned from pseudo labels under the guidance of prior scene-event relations help reduce the confusion between similar acoustic scenes. 3) Compared with other (non-ensemble) methods, RGASC improves the scene classification accuracy on the real-life dataset.


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