Resource Allocation in Heterogenous Full-duplex OFDMA Networks: Design and Analysis

by   Peyman Tehrani, et al.

Recent studies indicate the feasibility of full-duplex (FD) bidirectional wireless communications. Due to its potential to increase the capacity, analyzing the performance of a cellular network that contains full-duplex devices is crucial. In this paper, we consider maximizing the weighted sum-rate of downlink and uplink of an FD heterogeneous OFDMA network where each cell consists of an imperfect FD base-station (BS) and a mixture of half-duplex and imperfect full-duplex mobile users. To this end, first, the joint problem of sub-channel assignment and power allocation for a single cell network is investigated. Then, the proposed algorithms are extended for solving the optimization problem for an FD heterogeneous network in which intra-cell and inter-cell interferences are taken into account. Simulation results demonstrate that in a single cell network, when all the users and the BSs are perfect FD nodes, the network throughput could be doubled. Otherwise, the performance improvement is limited by the inter-cell interference, inter-node interference, and self-interference. We also investigate the effect of the percentage of FD users on the network performance in both indoor and outdoor scenarios, and analyze the effect of the self-interference cancellation capability of the FD nodes on the network performance.


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