Robust Component-based Network Localization with Noisy Range Measurements

by   Tianyuan Sun, et al.

Accurate and robust localization is crucial for wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks. Among the localization techniques, component-based methods advance themselves for conquering network sparseness and anchor sparseness. But component-based methods are sensitive to ranging noises, which may cause a huge accumulated error either in component realization or merging process. This paper presents three results for robust component-based localization under ranging noises. (1) For a rigid graph component, a novel method is proposed to evaluate the graph's possible number of flip ambiguities under noises. In particular, graph's MInimal sepaRators that are neaRly cOllineaR (MIRROR) is presented as the cause of flip ambiguity, and the number of MIRRORs indicates the possible number of flip ambiguities under noise. (2) Then the sensitivity of a graph's local deforming regarding ranging noises is investigated by perturbation analysis. A novel Ranging Sensitivity Matrix (RSM) is proposed to estimate the node location perturbations due to ranging noises. (3) By evaluating component robustness via the flipping and the local deforming risks, a Robust Component Generation and Realization (RCGR) algorithm is developed, which generates components based on the robustness metrics. RCGR was evaluated by simulations, which showed much better noise resistance and locating accuracy improvements than state-of-the-art of component-based localization algorithms.


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