Rotation Equivariant 3D Hand Mesh Generation from a Single RGB Image

by   Joshua Mitton, et al.

We develop a rotation equivariant model for generating 3D hand meshes from 2D RGB images. This guarantees that as the input image of a hand is rotated the generated mesh undergoes a corresponding rotation. Furthermore, this removes undesirable deformations in the meshes often generated by methods without rotation equivariance. By building a rotation equivariant model, through considering symmetries in the problem, we reduce the need for training on very large datasets to achieve good mesh reconstruction. The encoder takes images defined on ℤ^2 and maps these to latent functions defined on the group C_8. We introduce a novel vector mapping function to map the function defined on C_8 to a latent point cloud space defined on the group SO(2). Further, we introduce a 3D projection function that learns a 3D function from the SO(2) latent space. Finally, we use an SO(3) equivariant decoder to ensure rotation equivariance. Our rotation equivariant model outperforms state-of-the-art methods on a real-world dataset and we demonstrate that it accurately captures the shape and pose in the generated meshes under rotation of the input hand.


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