SamWalker++: recommendation with informative sampling strategy

by   Can Wang, et al.

Recommendation from implicit feedback is a highly challenging task due to the lack of reliable negative feedback data. Existing methods address this challenge by treating all the un-observed data as negative (dislike) but downweight the confidence of these data. However, this treatment causes two problems: (1) Confidence weights of the unobserved data are usually assigned manually, which lack flexibility and may create empirical bias on evaluating user's preference. (2) To handle massive volume of the unobserved feedback data, most of the existing methods rely on stochastic inference and data sampling strategies. However, since a user is only aware of a very small fraction of items in a large dataset, it is difficult for existing samplers to select informative training instances in which the user really dislikes the item rather than does not know it. To address the above two problems, we propose two novel recommendation methods SamWalker and SamWalker++ that support both adaptive confidence assignment and efficient model learning. SamWalker models data confidence with a social network-aware function, which can adaptively specify different weights to different data according to users' social contexts. However, the social network information may not be available in many recommender systems, which hinders application of SamWalker. Thus, we further propose SamWalker++, which does not require any side information and models data confidence with a constructed pseudo-social network. We also develop fast random-walk-based sampling strategies for our SamWalker and SamWalker++ to adaptively draw informative training instances, which can speed up gradient estimation and reduce sampling variance. Extensive experiments on five real-world datasets demonstrate the superiority of the proposed SamWalker and SamWalker++.


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