Scalable Scene Flow from Point Clouds in the Real World

by   Philipp Jund, et al.

Autonomous vehicles operate in highly dynamic environments necessitating an accurate assessment of which aspects of a scene are moving and where they are moving to. A popular approach to 3D motion estimation – termed scene flow – is to employ 3D point cloud data from consecutive LiDAR scans, although such approaches have been limited by the small size of real-world, annotated LiDAR data. In this work, we introduce a new large scale benchmark for scene flow based on the Waymo Open Dataset. The dataset is ∼1,000× larger than previous real-world datasets in terms of the number of annotated frames and is derived from the corresponding tracked 3D objects. We demonstrate how previous works were bounded based on the amount of real LiDAR data available, suggesting that larger datasets are required to achieve state-of-the-art predictive performance. Furthermore, we show how previous heuristics for operating on point clouds such as artificial down-sampling heavily degrade performance, motivating a new class of models that are tractable on the full point cloud. To address this issue, we introduce the model architecture FastFlow3D that provides real time inference on the full point cloud. Finally, we demonstrate that this problem is amenable to techniques from semi-supervised learning by highlighting open problems for generalizing methods for predicting motion on unlabeled objects. We hope that this dataset may provide new opportunities for developing real world scene flow systems and motivate a new class of machine learning problems.


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