Simulation of a Dynamic, RuleSet-based Quantum Network

by   Takaaki Matsuo, et al.

Similar to the classical Internet, the quantum Internet will require knowledge regarding link qualities used for purposes such as optimal route selection. This is commonly accomplished by performing link-level tomography with or without purification – a.k.a. quantum link bootstrapping. Meanwhile, the gate selection and the resource (Bell pair) selection for a task must be coordinated beforehand. This thesis introduces the RuleSet-based communication protocol aimed for supporting the autonomous coordination of quantum operations among distant nodes, with minimal classical packet transmission. This thesis also discusses the RuleSet-based quantum link bootstrapping protocol, which consists of recurrent purifications and link-level tomography, evaluated over a Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo simulation with noisy systems modeled on real world quality hardware. Given a 10km MeetInTheMiddle based two-node system, each with 100 memory qubits ideally connected to the optical fiber, the Recurrent Single selection - Single error purification (RSs-Sp) protocol is capable of improving the fidelity from an average input F_r=0.675 to approximately F_r=0.865. The system gets noisier with longer channels, in which case errors may develop faster than the purification gain. For a noisier system with a longer channel length, the double selection-based purification shows an advantage for improving the fidelity.


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