SIR Coverage Analysis in Cellular Networks with Temporal Traffic: A Stochastic Geometry Approach

by   Howard H. Yang, et al.

The bloom in mobile applications not just bring in enjoyment to daily life, but also imposes more complicated traffic situation on wireless network. A complete understanding of the impact from traffic profile is thus essential for network operators to respond adequately to the surge in data traffic. In this paper, based on stochastic geometry and queuing theory, we develop a mathematical framework that captures the interplay between the spatial location of base stations (BSs), which determines the magnitude of mutual interference, and their temporal traffic dy- namic. We derive a tractable expression for the SIR distribution, and verify its accuracy via simulations. Based on our analysis, we find that i) under the same configuration, when traffic condition changes from light to heavy, the corresponding SIR requirement can differ by more than 10 dB for the network to maintain coverage, ii) the SIR coverage probability varies largely with traffic fluctuation in the sub-medium load regime, whereas in scenario with very light traffic load, the SIR outage probability increases linearly with the packet arrival rate, iii) the mean delay, as well as coverage probability of cell edge user equipments (UEs) are vulnerable to the traffic fluctuation, thus confirms its appeal for traffic-aware communication technology.


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