Skepxels: Spatio-temporal Image Representation of Human Skeleton Joints for Action Recognition

by   Jian Liu, et al.

Human skeleton joints are popular for action analysis since they can be easily extracted from videos to discard background noises. However, current skeleton representations do not fully benefit from machine learning with CNNs. We propose "Skepxels" a spatio-temporal representation for skeleton sequences to fully exploit the "local" correlations between joints using the 2D convolution kernels of CNN. We transform skeleton videos into images of flexible dimensions using Skepxels and develop a CNN-based framework for effective human action recognition using the resulting images. Skepxels encode rich spatio-temporal information about the skeleton joints in the frames by maximizing a unique distance metric, defined collaboratively over the distinct joint arrangements used in the skeletal image. Moreover, they are flexible in encoding compound semantic notions such as location and speed of the joints. The proposed action recognition exploits the representation in a hierarchical manner by first capturing the micro-temporal relations between the skeleton joints with the Skepxels and then exploiting their macro-temporal relations by computing the Fourier Temporal Pyramids over the CNN features of the skeletal images. We extend the Inception-ResNet CNN architecture with the proposed method and improve the state-of-the-art accuracy by 4.4 human activity dataset. On the medium-sized N-UCLA and UTH-MHAD datasets, our method outperforms the existing results by 5.7


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