Sperm detection and tracking in phase-contrast microscopy image sequences using deep learning and modified CSR-DCF

by   Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, et al.

Nowadays, computer-aided sperm analysis (CASA) systems have made a big leap in extracting the characteristics of spermatozoa for studies or measuring human fertility. The first step in sperm characteristics analysis is sperm detection in the frames of the video sample. In this article, we used a deep fully convolutional network, as the object detector. Sperms are small objects with few attributes, that makes the detection more difficult in high-density samples and especially when there are other particles in semen, which could be like sperm heads. One of the main attributes of sperms is their movement, but this attribute cannot be extracted when only one frame would be fed to the network. To improve the performance of the sperm detection network, we concatenated some consecutive frames to use as the input of the network. With this method, the motility attribute has also been extracted, and then with the help of deep convolutional layers, we have achieved high accuracy in sperm detection. In the tracking phase, we modify the CSR-DCF algorithm. This method also has shown excellent results in sperm tracking even in high-density sperm samples, occlusions, sperm colliding, and when sperms exit from a frame and re-enter in the next frames. The average precision of the detection phase is 99.1 F1 score of the tracking method evaluation is 97.06 great help in studies investigating sperm behavior and analyzing fertility possibility.


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