Statistical Deformation Reconstruction Using Multi-organ Shape Features for Pancreatic Cancer Localization

by   Megumi Nakao, et al.

Respiratory motion and the associated deformations of abdominal organs and tumors are essential information in clinical applications. However, inter- and intra-patient multi-organ deformations are complex and have not been statistically formulated, whereas single organ deformations have been widely studied. In this paper, we introduce a multi-organ deformation library and its application to deformation reconstruction based on the shape features of multiple abdominal organs. Statistical multi-organ motion/deformation models of the stomach, liver, left and right kidneys, and duodenum were generated by shape matching their region labels defined on four-dimensional computed tomography images. A total of 250 volumes were measured from 25 pancreatic cancer patients. This paper also proposes a per-region-based deformation learning using the reproducing kernel to predict the displacement of pancreatic cancer for adaptive radiotherapy. The experimental results show that the proposed concept estimates deformations better than general per-patient-based learning models and achieves a clinically acceptable estimation error with a mean distance of 1.2 ± 0.7 mm and a Hausdorff distance of 4.2 ± 2.3 mm throughout the respiratory motion.


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