STEC-IoT: A Security Tactic by Virtualizing Edge Computing on IoT

by   Peiying Zhang, et al.

To a large extent, the deployment of edge computing (EC) can reduce the burden of the explosive growth of the Internet of things. As a powerful hub between the Internet of things and cloud servers, edge devices make the transmission of cloud to things no longer complicated. However, edge nodes are faced with a series of problems, such as large number, a wide range of distribution, and complex environment, the security of edge computing should not be underestimated. Based on this, we propose a tactic to improve the safety of edge computing by virtualizing edge nodes. In detail, first of all, we propose a strategy of edge node partition, virtualize the edge nodes dealing with different types of things into various virtual networks, which are deployed between the edge nodes and the cloud server. Second, considering that different information transmission has different security requirement, we propose a security tactic based on security level measurement. Finally, through simulation experiments, we compare with the existing advanced algorithms which are committed to virtual network security, and prove that the model proposed in this paper has definite progressiveness in enhancing the security of edge computing.


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