Technical Language Supervision for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis in Process Industry

by   Karl Löwenmark, et al.

In the process industry, condition monitoring systems with automated fault diagnosis methods assisthuman experts and thereby improve maintenance efficiency, process sustainability, and workplace safety.Improving the automated fault diagnosis methods using data and machine learning-based models is a centralaspect of intelligent fault diagnosis (IFD). A major challenge in IFD is to develop realistic datasets withaccurate labels needed to train and validate models, and to transfer models trained with labeled lab datato heterogeneous process industry environments. However, fault descriptions and work-orders written bydomain experts are increasingly digitized in modern condition monitoring systems, for example in the contextof rotating equipment monitoring. Thus, domain-specific knowledge about fault characteristics and severitiesexists as technical language annotations in industrial datasets. Furthermore, recent advances in naturallanguage processing enable weakly supervised model optimization using natural language annotations, mostnotably in the form ofnatural language supervision(NLS). This creates a timely opportunity to developtechnical language supervision(TLS) solutions for IFD systems grounded in industrial data, for exampleas a complement to pre-training with lab data to address problems like overfitting and inaccurate out-of-sample generalisation. We surveyed the literature and identify a considerable improvement in the maturityof NLS over the last two years, facilitating applications beyond natural language; a rapid development ofweak supervision methods; and transfer learning as a current trend in IFD which can benefit from thesedevelopments. Finally, we describe a framework for integration of TLS in IFD which is inspired by recentNLS innovations.


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