Test-Time Adaptation for Point Cloud Upsampling Using Meta-Learning

by   Ahmed Hatem, et al.

Affordable 3D scanners often produce sparse and non-uniform point clouds that negatively impact downstream applications in robotic systems. While existing point cloud upsampling architectures have demonstrated promising results on standard benchmarks, they tend to experience significant performance drops when the test data have different distributions from the training data. To address this issue, this paper proposes a test-time adaption approach to enhance model generality of point cloud upsampling. The proposed approach leverages meta-learning to explicitly learn network parameters for test-time adaption. Our method does not require any prior information about the test data. During meta-training, the model parameters are learned from a collection of instance-level tasks, each of which consists of a sparse-dense pair of point clouds from the training data. During meta-testing, the trained model is fine-tuned with a few gradient updates to produce a unique set of network parameters for each test instance. The updated model is then used for the final prediction. Our framework is generic and can be applied in a plug-and-play manner with existing backbone networks in point cloud upsampling. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our approach improves the performance of state-of-the-art models.


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