Texture Retrieval via the Scattering Transform

by   Alexander Sagel, et al.

This work studies the problem of content-based image retrieval, specifically, texture retrieval. It focuses on feature extraction and similarity measure for texture images. Our approach employs a recently developed method, the so-called Scattering transform, for the process of feature extraction in texture retrieval. It shares a distinctive property of providing a robust representation, which is stable with respect to spatial deformations. Recent work has demonstrated its capability for texture classification, and hence as a promising candidate for the problem of texture retrieval. Moreover, we adopt a common approach of measuring the similarity of textures by comparing the subband histograms of a filterbank transform. To this end we derive a similarity measure based on the popular Bhattacharyya Kernel. Despite the popularity of describing histograms using parametrized probability density functions, such as the Generalized Gaussian Distribution, it is unfortunately not applicable for describing most of the Scattering transform subbands, due to the complex modulus performed on each one of them. In this work, we propose to use the Weibull distribution to model the Scattering subbands of descendant layers. Our numerical experiments demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed approach, in comparison with several state of the arts.


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