That's All Folks: a KG of Values as Commonsense Social Norms and Behaviors

by   Stefano De Giorgis, et al.

Values, as intended in ethics, determine the shape and validity of moral and social norms, grounding our everyday individual and community behavior on commonsense knowledge. Formalising latent moral content in human interaction is an appealing perspective that would enable a deeper understanding of both social dynamics and individual cognitive and behavioral dimension. To tackle this problem, several theoretical frameworks offer different values models, and organize them into different taxonomies. The problem of the most used theories is that they adopt a cultural-independent perspective while many entities that are considered "values" are grounded in commonsense knowledge and expressed in everyday life interaction. We propose here two ontological modules, FOLK, an ontology for values intended in their broad sense, and That's All Folks, a module for lexical and factual folk value triggers, whose purpose is to complement the main theories, providing a method for identifying the values that are not contemplated by the major value theories, but which nonetheless play a key role in daily human interactions, and shape social structures, cultural biases, and personal beliefs. The resource is tested via performing automatic detection of values from text with a frame-based approach.


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