Towards Autoencoding Variational Inference for Aspect-based Opinion Summary

by   Tai Hoang, et al.

Aspect-based Opinion Summary (AOS), consisting of aspect discovery and sentiment classification steps, has recently been emerging as one of the most crucial data mining tasks in e-commerce systems. Along this direction, the LDA-based model is considered as a notably suitable approach, since this model offers both topic modeling and sentiment classification. However, unlike traditional topic modeling, in the context of aspect discovery it is often required some initial seed words, whose prior knowledge is not easy to be incorporated into LDA models. Moreover, LDA approaches rely on sampling methods, which need to load the whole corpus into memory, making them hardly scalable. In this research, we study an alternative approach for AOS problem, based on Autoencoding Variational Inference (AVI). Firstly, we introduce the Autoencoding Variational Inference for Aspect Discovery (AVIAD) model, which extends the previous work of Autoencoding Variational Inference for Topic Models (AVITM) to embed prior knowledge of seed words. This work includes enhancement of the previous AVI architecture and also modification of the loss function. Ultimately, we present the Autoencoding Variational Inference for Joint Sentiment/Topic (AVIJST) model. In this model, we substantially extend the AVI model to support the JST model, which performs topic modeling for corresponding sentiment. The experimental results show that our proposed models enjoy higher topic coherent, faster convergence time and better accuracy on sentiment classification, as compared to their LDA-based counterparts.


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