Towards Corner Case Detection for Autonomous Driving

by   Jan-Aike Bolte, et al.

The progress in autonomous driving is also due to the increased availability of vast amounts of training data for the underlying machine learning approaches. Machine learning systems are generally known to lack robustness, e.g., if the training data did rarely or not at all cover critical situations. The challenging task of corner case detection in video, which is also somehow related to unusual event or anomaly detection, aims at detecting these unusual situations, which could become critical, and to communicate this to the autonomous driving system (online use case). Such a system, however, could be also used in offline mode to screen vast amounts of data and select only the relevant situations for storing and (re)training machine learning algorithms. So far, the approaches for corner case detection have been limited to videos recorded from a fixed camera, mostly for security surveillance. In this paper, we provide a formal definition of a corner case and propose a system framework for both the online and the offline use case that can handle video signals from front cameras of a naturally moving vehicle and can output a corner case score.


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