Trust Aware Privacy Preserving Routing Protocol for Wireless Adhoc Network

by   B. Murugeshwari, et al.

Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks are especially helpful and quite well for essential circumstances such as defense, public safety, and disaster recovery. MANETs require communication privacy and security, notably in core routing protocols, when functioning in hostile or suspicious environments. The Trust Aware Privacy-Preserving Protocol (TAP3) is a mechanism for supporting the origin in proactively selecting a trust-able target and doing privacy-preserving route verification. We suggest TAP3 using the fellow recommendation model for MANETs in this work. Nodes use their features to discover their fellow node and use the trust to create strong connections with the random node via a multi-hop trusting chain by identifying the secure location. The verification duties are then spread among the nodes and validate the log updates without exposing the nodes' details. Unlike previous models that uncover node vulnerabilities or misconduct after an attack, TAP3 may guarantee the origin node to prevent data from being transferred through malicious nodes from the beginning and do verification without needing a third party. Our results show that this approach can locate problematic nodes with minimal overhead than the conventional routing protocol.


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