Unified Modeling and Rate Coverage Analysis for Satellite-Terrestrial Integrated Networks: Coverage Extension or Data Offloading?

by   Jeonghun Park, et al.

With the growing interest in satellite networks, satellite-terrestrial integrated networks (STINs) have gained significant attention because of their potential benefits. However, due to the lack of a tractable network model for the STIN architecture, analytical studies allowing one to investigate the performance of such networks are not yet available. In this work, we propose a unified network model that jointly captures satellite and terrestrial networks into one analytical framework. Our key idea is based on Poisson point processes distributed on concentric spheres, assigning a random height to each point as a mark. This allows one to consider each point as a source of desired signal or a source of interference while ensuring visibility to the typical user. Thanks to this model, we derive the probability of coverage of STINs as a function of major system parameters, chiefly path-loss exponent, satellites and terrestrial base stations' height distributions and density, transmit power and biasing factors. Leveraging the analysis, we concretely explore two benefits that STINs provide: i) coverage extension in remote rural areas and ii) data offloading in dense urban areas.


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