Unique in the Smart Grid -The Privacy Cost of Fine-Grained Electrical Consumption Data

by   Antonin Voyez, et al.

The collection of electrical consumption time series through smart meters grows with ambitious nationwide smart grid programs. This data is both highly sensitive and highly valuable: strong laws about personal data protect it while laws about open data aim at making it public after a privacy-preserving data publishing process. In this work, we study the uniqueness of large scale real-life fine-grained electrical consumption time-series and show its link to privacy threats. Our results show a worryingly high uniqueness rate in such datasets. In particular, we show that knowing 5 consecutive electric measures allows to re-identify on average more than 90 half-hourly electric time series dataset. Moreover, uniqueness remains high even when data is severely degraded. For example, when data is rounded to the nearest 100 watts, knowing 7 consecutive electric measures allows to re-identify on average more than 40 study the relationship between uniqueness and entropy, uniqueness and electric consumption, and electric consumption and temperatures, showing their strong correlation.


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