Universal ASR: Unifying Streaming and Non-Streaming ASR Using a Single Encoder-Decoder Model

by   Zhifu Gao, et al.

Recently, online end-to-end ASR has gained increasing attention. However, the performance of online systems still lags far behind that of offline systems, with a large gap in quality of recognition. For specific scenarios, we can trade-off between performance and latency, and can train multiple systems with different delays to match the performance and latency requirements of various application scenarios. In this work, in contrast to trading-off between performance and latency, we envisage a single system that can match the needs of different scenarios. We propose a novel architecture, termed Universal ASR that can unify streaming and non-streaming ASR models into one system. The embedded streaming ASR model can configure different delays according to requirements to obtain real-time recognition results, while the non-streaming model is able to refresh the final recognition result for better performance. We have evaluated our approach on the public AISHELL-2 benchmark and an industrial-level 20,000-hour Mandarin speech recognition task. The experimental results show that the Universal ASR provides an efficient mechanism to integrate streaming and non-streaming models that can recognize speech quickly and accurately. On the AISHELL-2 task, Universal ASR comfortably outperforms other state-of-the-art systems.


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