Unreflected Acceptance – Investigating the Negative Consequences of ChatGPT-Assisted Problem Solving in Physics Education

by   Lars Krupp, et al.

Large language models (LLMs) have recently gained popularity. However, the impact of their general availability through ChatGPT on sensitive areas of everyday life, such as education, remains unclear. Nevertheless, the societal impact on established educational methods is already being experienced by both students and educators. Our work focuses on higher physics education and examines problem solving strategies. In a study, students with a background in physics were assigned to solve physics exercises, with one group having access to an internet search engine (N=12) and the other group being allowed to use ChatGPT (N=27). We evaluated their performance, strategies, and interaction with the provided tools. Our results showed that nearly half of the solutions provided with the support of ChatGPT were mistakenly assumed to be correct by the students, indicating that they overly trusted ChatGPT even in their field of expertise. Likewise, in 42 ChatGPT – an approach only used in 4 the stark differences in interaction behavior between the groups and indicating limited reflection when using ChatGPT. In our work, we demonstrated a need to (1) guide students on how to interact with LLMs and (2) create awareness of potential shortcomings for users.


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