Using multimodal learning and deep generative models for corporate bankruptcy prediction

by   Rogelio A Mancisidor, et al.

This research introduces for the first time the concept of multimodal learning in bankruptcy prediction models. We use the Conditional Multimodal Discriminative (CMMD) model to learn multimodal representations that embed information from accounting, market, and textual modalities. The CMMD model needs a sample with all data modalities for model training. At test time, the CMMD model only needs access to accounting and market modalities to generate multimodal representations, which are further used to make bankruptcy predictions. This fact makes the use of bankruptcy prediction models using textual data realistic and possible, since accounting and market data are available for all companies unlike textual data. The empirical results in this research show that the classification performance of our proposed methodology is superior compared to that of a large number of traditional classifier models. We also show that our proposed methodology solves the limitation of previous bankruptcy models using textual data, as they can only make predictions for a small proportion of companies. Finally, based on multimodal representations, we introduce an index that is able to capture the uncertainty of the financial situation of companies during periods of financial distress.


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