Video-Specific Query-Key Attention Modeling for Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization

by   Xijun Wang, et al.

Weakly-supervised temporal action localization aims to identify and localize the action instances in the untrimmed videos with only video-level action labels. When humans watch videos, we can adapt our abstract-level knowledge about actions in different video scenarios and detect whether some actions are occurring. In this paper, we mimic how humans do and bring a new perspective for locating and identifying multiple actions in a video. We propose a network named VQK-Net with a video-specific query-key attention modeling that learns a unique query for each action category of each input video. The learned queries not only contain the actions' knowledge features at the abstract level but also have the ability to fit this knowledge into the target video scenario, and they will be used to detect the presence of the corresponding action along the temporal dimension. To better learn these action category queries, we exploit not only the features of the current input video but also the correlation between different videos through a novel video-specific action category query learner worked with a query similarity loss. Finally, we conduct extensive experiments on three commonly used datasets (THUMOS14, ActivityNet1.2, and ActivityNet1.3) and achieve state-of-the-art performance.


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